Bronze Armani Marble

Bronze Armani Marble

Bronze Armani Marble or Bronze Armani Marble Marble, Both are Same Product. Basically, Bronze Armani Marble is Produced in Italy. Bronze Armani Marble also Produced in Turkey which looks Approx Similar to Italian Bronze Armani Marble. Both are Useful and Good in Quality for Various Residential and Commercial Purpose. But Generally , Italian Marble is More Preferable & Recognized In Stone Industry World-Wide. Bronze Armani Marble is Available in Various Types Like Royal Bronze Armani Marble, Bronze Armani MarbleClassico Marble , Bronze Armani MarbleSemi Classico , Bronze Armani MarbleDiorite Marble etc which are varied according to the Looks, Quality & Colour of Occurrence.

Price Range of Bronze Armani Marble: Starting From 170 Upto 500 Rs. [Per sq.ft] , varies according to the Quality , Sizes , Colour , Thickness, Origin , Processing , Looks etc. OR also Between Seller to Seller you buying from. Kindly Note, Only Regular Lots are available into this price range whereas Premium Lots Might be available into higher price range than displayed price range

Origin of Bronze Armani Marble: Italy, Turkey.

Forms & Sizes of Bronze Armani Marble : Blocks, Slabs , Tiles etc.

Colour of Bronze Armani Marble : Beige, light Beige, Dark Beige

Bronze Armani Marble Texture : Generally, Bronze Armani Marble Having Free Straight Veins on the surface. Bronze Armani MarbleFavorite Having Bubbles on its Surface. Bronze Armani Marblealso Comes in Dark & Light Color etc.

Recommended Uses of  Dyna Marble :-  Floorings, Wall Cladding , Stairs, Countertops, Living Rooms, Bed Rooms, Washroom etc, Interior & Exterior Applications , Residential & Commercial Purpose etc

Features:- High Durability, Easy Maintenance, Long Lasting polish

Specifications:-High efficiency, High Quality

Negative Points :- In Commercial Material, It require Chemical Treatments in 99% Lots.

Positive Points :-  Well -known product , trusted product, Long lasting polish & Luxurious Looks.

Italian marbles are Popular Worldwide, Basically Due to Few few famous Italian marble Products Like Dyna Marble, Bronze Armani Marble ,  Breccia Aurora Marble,  Italian Statuario Marble Or Satvario Marble, Carrara White Marble ,Perlato Sicilia Marble, D- Martino Marble , Thassos White Marble, Travertine’s , Onyx,   Arbecasto Marble and Calacatta Marble,   etc. But Bronze Armani Marble is in huge demand &  are very much Used by the Consumers for their Home Because It is Available In Economical Price Range & Looks Very Beautiful also in comparison to Other Italian Marbles in This Price Range.

The Bronze Armani Marble is a special type of compact micritic limestone of beige color, quarried from Bronze Armani Marble, Nuvolento, Nuvolera, Rezzato and Serle in the province of Brescia.

The deposit of limestone from which we extract the Bronze Armani MarbleClassic marble, was formed between 190 and 60 million years ago by the slow and continuous process of sedimentation, cementation and recrystallization of calcareous mud in a “sea lagoon” of Mesozoic age.

The tropical climate housed organisms and fossil, that are now one of the most popular features of the marble.

The variety of colors of Bronze Armani MarbleClassic marble is originated from the different concentration and trend of inclusions of organic and inorganic origin in the homogeneous background composed of fine mud, mainly carbonate and limestone, which takes the name of micrite.

The extreme compactness, the porosity and the low values of absorption, make it suitable for use outdoors and determine the mechanical characteristics such as resistance to compression, bending and wear.

For the beauty and the great qualities of strength, Bronze Armani Marble is widely used in architecture and interior design and is considered a worldwide very fine marble.

Approx Price :  / -Square Feet

Product Details :


Bronze Armani MarbleClassico Marble is a beige marble. It is uniform colored marble having light veins, quarried in Italy. It is a Stylish and durable marble stone used for fine projects like flooring and cladding. It is a hard stone with high compactness, low water absorption and wears.


Best Italian Marble one of the major Bronze Armani MarbleClassico Marble supplier and Exporter in various countries are United States, Kanada, United Kingdom. Our offered an elegant and attractive marble range provides to fulfill the requirement of the commercial and domestic demands.


This Marble Stone has a stunning combination of creams, beiges, and whites that combined together in a beautiful way to make the timeless elegance appearance of Bronze Armani MarbleClassico Marble flooring.


We are committed to offering a broad range of Bronze Armani MarbleClassico Italian Marble at a very reasonable price. This marble is available in both marble slabs and tiles. It is ideal for all applications indoors as well as outdoors due to its soft color and easy workability.


Bronze Armani MarbleClassico Marble is the ideal choice for creating exquisite statement kitchen islands, marble countertops, marble tile floors, backsplashes, accent walls, and other features throughout residential and commercial properties.


Best Italian Marble is a prominent company and intricate in Manufacturing, Importing and exporting the wide variety of Italian Marble Bronze Armani MarbleClassico. We offer the finest and superior quality of marble & granite products.


If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom countertop, your floors or your walls you can get the best Bronze Armani MarbleClassico Marble Price. And also you can come and see our marble collection.

The Bronze Armani MarbleClassic is a classical beige colored natural stone with some light spots. The grain of this marble is very fine with some rare whitish and golden veins. This type of stone, with its creamy color, is one of the most appreciated marbles. So, it is perfect for every location. Especially for outdoor paving thanks to the resistance that this marble has to freezing, abrasion and bending.

Bottocino marble tiles have an oyster base color with beautiful light cream and white veining, detailed with a tiny amount of thin gray veins and diffused gray color that lend elegant texture and depth. Bottocino marble is perfect for traditional and classic interior design in flooring, walls, bathrooms and back-splashes. These tiles come in several sizes; sold by square foot.

Bronze Armani Marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of carbonate minerals such as calcite or dolomite. It is famous for its high luster and visual appeal to the area with the best sizes, appearance, quality and colors. This stone is very durable and best in terms of cost factors.

Because of its unique color, beauty and bold modern look, we are using it for interior designing of bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, TV lounges and even outdoors. The stone is available in the market in the form of square shaped tiles of standard sizes but tiles of custom sizes can also be obtained in case of need.

Bronze Armani Marble , also known as ” Bronze Armani MarbleClassico,  Marmi Bronze Armani Marble” is a well-known beige Italian Marble.  The Bronze Armani Marblepresents an uniform beige coloured background, thin grain and some occasional darker colored  or white vein and signs of calcite.

Its main variations depend mostly on the grain thickness, background uniformity and presence of more or less dark or white vein and calcite.

Bronze Armani MarbleClassico marble has unique and inimitable qualities and represents a material which has become synonymous with purity and elegance. It has also defined all other materials with similar qualities.

Thanks to a history which stretches back centuries and its uniqueness Bronze Armani MarbleClassico marble embodies ideal classical qualities and is now a permanent reference point in the world of marble production.

Employed to enrich architectural masterpieces all over Italy, this fine marble, extracted from Brescia’s surrounding hills, is recognised world-over as an outstanding material quarried by men whose skills and art has been passed down by their forefathers.



Best Italian Marble – Bronze Armani Marble

By D.C. Bhandari, MD, Best Italian Marble

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Bronze Armani Marble

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