•    Statuario Marble
•    Venetino Marble
•    Carrara Marble
•    White Italian Marble
•    Bottochino Marble
•    Bottochino Classico Marble
•    Bottochino Firrota Marble
•    Dyna Marble
•    Calacatta White Marble
•    Parleto Marble
•    Dmartino Marble
•    Travertine Beige Marble
•    Travertine Marble
•    Red Alicante Marble
•    Arabescato Marble
Bhandari Marble Group
Italian Marble, or metamorphosed limestone, is a beautiful natural stone, with each rock unique to where it’s found and how it was formed. It has been in existence for many millions of years, hidden in the ground before humans brought it to light.
Italian marble luster – as well as its versatility – artists, architects and designers has always loved the luxurious stone.
Italian marble is quarried and identified with Italy, where marble formations are spread throughout the land. The most popular variety is white Carrara, which is extracted in the Apuan Alps in north-central Italy. Calacatta and Bardiglio marbles also are from this region, which is considered the most significant Italian region for the types and volume of marble extracted.
How You Can Identify Italian Marble
Bhandari marble group Italian marble there are many districts famed for other types of marble. Red Verona marble comes from Veneto, Portoro from Liguria, Pietra di Trani from Apulia and Custonaci from Sicily, to name just a few.
Italian Marble is available in numerous colors:
When it comes to beauty and durability, marble is widely known as a leader of natural stones as it is used everywhere around the world in order to bring elegance and enhance the design of project. Marble flooring is one of the most luxurious floorings to add a whole new element of class in a home.
Marble is available in dozens of shades and colors and patterns.  Different types of marble flooring give different looks to your design space.  Each slab of marble has its own unique color and pattern. It has a high polish, silky smooth shine.
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