Bhandari Marble Group have the Precious Marble, Granite and Natural Stone

Bhandari Marble Group specializes in Granite Worktops, Quartz Worktops, Porcelain Worktops sintered stone and tiles of all shapes & sizes. We provide a complete service solution from design and manufacture to installation.

Our aim has always been to offer quality, style and performance at sensible prices. Whether you want an informal entertaining area or a luxurious bathroom, rooms, and etc. we can help you to choose the right material according to your needs.

So, whether you are designing a new kitchen, bathroom or living area, or simply restyling your old one, at Bhandari Marble Group we have the right products for you and your home.


BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP have the Precious Marble, granite and natural stone

Bhandari Marble Group have the Precious Marble, granite and natural stone and also the leading supplier, fabricator and installer of marble, granite, quartz and porcelain sintered stone worktops and work surfaces. A family run business based in Borawar, Makrana, kishangarh, Jaipur, Delhi, Rajasthan India and established in 1631, the aim is to provide an innovative and flexible approach to the supply and fabrication of Marble, Granite, Natural stone, Quartz & Sandstone


At BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP offer the precious marble to our customer according to their requirement. Bhandari Marble Group also offer the complete customer service solution. What this means is that from your initial call or visit, to your fully fitted living area, Bhandari Marble Group and only Bhandari Marble Group is with you from start to finish.

No matter what the material; Granite, Quartz, or any of our other sintered stones, the hardest decision you will have to make is which one of the vast quality products you decide on.


To the right is a glimpse at the core processes we provide for every customer, which means that not only are Bhandari Marble Group able to design and produce your chosen material to fit with your existing architect or designers plans, but Bhandari Marble Group is also able to enhance and build upon this designs as you decide on the right product to complement that design.

We believe that our customers are the core to our growing business and the reason why we grow is the word of mouth recommendations we continue to receive.


When designing a marble, granite, porcelain or quartz worktop for you, it is essential to understand your ideas, requirements and budget. Whether that communication is via the phone, email or in person Bhandari Marble Group are able to then assist you and your architect or designer in choosing the right product to suit your requirements. Only then can we help you decide on the finer details of that product, down stands, bullnose or other, draining grooves or cut outs, as well as colour and finish.


Our factory is fully equipped with the latest technology in CNC/Water jet stone cutting, enabling us to fulfill the most demanding of designs on any material. So whether that is in marble, granite, porcelain or quartz you can rest assured that any design will be cut to precision before being carefully finished off by our highly skilled stone masons.


Our dedicated and highly experienced worktop and work surface templating team, will visit your home to turn your design into a reality. With the aid of the latest technology in digital templating we are able to ensure efficiency and accuracy with minimum fuss.


Our fitting teams are highly skilled stonemasons. Each team use the skills and experience they have gained over the centuries, and offer an outstanding service resulting into the perfect finish.


Why not come and visit our eBook catalogue or virtual showroom squared showroom, based in for some ideas and inspiration.


Contact Us: +91-9829040013/+91-9672941111





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