Rich Americans seem to be going gaga over designer bathrooms and kitchens adorned with Indian granite.


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Rich Americans seem to be going gaga over designer bathrooms and kitchens adorned with Indian granite.
Rich Americans seem to be going gaga over designer bathrooms and kitchens adorned with Indian marble &  granite. Americans now prefer Indian marble &  granite in place of Italian marble. While India has already amassed Rs 3,050 crore from the export of this product in  export demands are on the rise.
In fact Indian exporters have started buying granite slabs from Brazil to process them into tiles and export them to the US.
Market research on the sector shows that it is black granite that is hot in American households. Once associated with the colour of death the product has been given the trademark of black Galaxy in America.
Various market research reports indicate that American interior designers and builders simply love the colour and texture of the Indian marble & granite.
Indian marble & granite sells through huge showrooms in California and New Jersey, the relatively posh states of the US. In fact major construction companies like Dal-Tile and Del Piso have been buying Indian marble and granite granite worth $250,000 every month from these suppliers of Indian marble & granite.
In the recent past, construction companies have also come forward to buy marble & granite from India directly rather than buy them from importers based in the US.
Italy, which is one of the major exporters of Italian marble and granite, has started sourcing marble & granite from India and it is exporting the marble & granite to its clients in the American and European markets to meet competition and hold onto its traditional customers in Europe and America.
Most of the manufacturing is being undertaken by export-oriented units in India. There are a large number of small players that tie up with one importer to reach the US market.
The importer on the other hand hires or has an in-house team of experts to do a quality check and certify the granite, as this facility is not available in India.
But India cannot sit satisfied with this performance, as Brazil is emerging as a major competitor with huge production capacities and almost thrice the 500 varieties exported from Indiaby Bhandarimarblegroup.
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