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Advantages of Sandstone- The most exported stone from India

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Advantages of Sandstone- The most exported stone from India: Global quality standards at Bhandari Marble Group: Chiefly composed of tiny-size rock grains and minerals, natural sandstone is fundamentally a sedimentary rock. The Earth’s crust holds feldspar and quartz as the most common minerals; hence these two are the main components of sandstone. Due to varying […]

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BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP SINCE 1631 THE KING OF INDIAN MARBLE Bhandari Marble Group, is oldest and largest manufacturing , supplying company since 1631 been known as the king of the marble at marble city kishangarh Rajasthan India. There are many varieties such as Makrana marble (used in the Taj Mahal), Rajnagar Marble (the world’s largest […]

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MAKRANA MARBLE- A STONE THAT CREATES WONDERS THE STONE THAT THE TAJ MAHAL ADORNS: BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is proud of the fact that our forefathers have created history by contributing our Marble to the wonderful Taj Mahal. Their history, quality and dedication is still kept alive. CHOOSE FROM MANY VARIETIES: There are many varieties such […]

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Banswara Marble For Exclusive Touch To Your Interior

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Banswara Marble For Exclusive Touch To Your Interior-Bhandari Marble Group Banswara White is a kind of white marble quarried in India. This stone is especially good for Countertops, Stairs, Monuments, and Tiles etc. Bhandari Marble Group is a leading producer and mines owner of Banswara white. It was established in 1631 we have been selling […]

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Queries on Banswara Marble

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Queries on Banswara Marble With Bhandari Marble Group What is Banswara Marble and which is Similar Indian marble? The Bhandari Marble Group Indian varieties of white marble include Morwad white marble, Indian Statuario marble, opal white marble, white sangemarmar marble, Banswara purple marble and others. White marble is used for the flooring, bathroom countertops, walls […]

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First Choice Marble Granite And Natural Stone


First Choice Marble Granite And Natural Stone For Home Villa Hotel And Project Marble Flooring Designs for Home,Villa, Hotel, Project By Bhandari Marble Group The Pioneer Group of Marble Granite and Natural Stone Beauty of natural stone flooring are hard to come by in the dream home. Marble stone flooring happen in an order that’s […]

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BANSWARA MARBLE- THE UNIQUE WHITE MARBLE THAT WILL AMPH UP THE GAME FOR YOUR LUXURY PROJECTS AT SUPER AFFORDABLE PRICES: What is Banswara marble? Banswara Marble. Banswara Marble is for its shine and quality. It has shiny surface with black or purple lines which gives it a unique look. Mainly Banswara Marble is available in […]

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STATUARIO MARBLE- FAQs, Details and Specifications: The Statuario marble is a very exclusive white marble from Italy that is currently used on several high-standard and exclusive projects One of the all-time classic marbles, Statuario is a highly dramatic white and grey marble. With vivid and artistic veining, Statuario is bound to be the focal point […]

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