Are you feeling a little dicey while choosing a pure white stone for your flooring? Here in this blog, we bring you a detailed description of the Pure white marble and how it can be a perfect choice for your flooring which can help you make the best-suited choice for your specific home conditions. We have mostly seen that when it comes to selecting a Flooring material, Pure White marble remains the top choice among Architects and the Interior Designers, and homeowners.

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Swiss White marble has been known for its charm and royalty and there is no surprise that it is the most popular material for floorings. Bhandari Marble Group is the leading supplier of the best quality Swiss White Marble in India. Our range of white marble is known for its durability and is also highly appreciated among our clients. Its flooring has been of very high class and was commonly used in posh homes, restaurants, hotels, temples, churches, and more. In the current times, one can see that is found in almost every home.


 As we have already seen traditionally associated with royalty, Vietnam white Marble flooring still carries a hint of wealth and elegance. If you would like to have the ground under your feet to add a touch of royalty and comfort to your interiors, consider using the beautiful Vietnam White marble in your home. It is considered as a more perfectly radiant marble that can make the room look bigger and brighter, thereby highlighting the very ground you walk on.
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 Its resistance to heat nature makes it a great choice for the kitchen or even the fireplaces. With proper care and sealing this porous stone also becomes waterproof. So Makrana White Marble can also be used in your bathrooms. Needless to say, it will work well in different rooms of your house. One major thing that you have to keep in mind is to never use soap since it can cause the Makrana white marble stone to darken over time leading to a decrease in its beauty and value. It should be polished from time to time to eliminate etching and maintaining its smooth finish.
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Homeowners who choose to install Carrara white marble for flooring typically do not need to change it for a long period of time, As this stone might be a little bit of high maintenance but with the right care, it will see your home through an exceptionally long time. The beauty and the royalty of the Carrara white marble are hard to match. This is a kind of stone that will fit well for any home flooring. Moreover, one will never find the two slabs of Carrara white marble with the same veining.
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One of the most basic advantages of Statuario White marble is that it does not alter even at high temperatures. You can safely use the Statuario white marble in the area immediately surrounding a fireplace without a shred of worry. What’s more, the floors of your home would remain cool even in the hot summers. Many homeowners worry about the multiple allergens breeding on their floors, but with Statuario white marble, you wouldn’t have to worry about the bacteria as this stone prevents the breeding of the bacteria and allergens, therefore making it the best choice for your home flooring.

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